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I had a condor SS in 25, it was quiet, but not as quiet as my 25 marauder.  But it doubled it in FPE so I was happy.  It was more accurate too. The SS Supressor is the best compromise of length and sound reduction.  But Neil Clague makes a better LDC for quietness, although it will be a bit longer overall.

My Talon SS 22 is my most accurate gun, and a 257 Condor is my 2nd.

Poor ergonomics – shouldering it takes some getting used to, but if you can, who cares. There are some aftermarket pieces that help by dropping the height of the tank.
Lots of shots because it has a big tank.  It can be efficient or not depending on the tune.
Single Shot
Takes some fiddling.
Tuning can be a pain – but some aftermarket pieces can provide some easier options.
The frame flexes.  Aftermarket stocks help avoid that.

Very powerful for the cost
Can be very accurate if you put in the time, or you get lucky and one shoots true with the factory tune, I have had both.

Basically it is a super flexible platform which can be very powerful, but needs a good investment in time and research.  I have an arrow gun on this platform that shoots 375fps. I have a 100fpe bullet shooter.  I have a 20 fpe super accurate truck gun. Looking back, I probably could have spent the same amount of money on a gun designed for any of those roles, but the way I did it, the frame scaled up and down to the role I wanted.  The guns designed for those roles would probably be multi-shot and have better ergonomics, so it might be better to go that way.  But I have no regrets.