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“parallax”Example shot string #2 is a great but certainly extreme example, the shots are either 820 fps or 780 fps with nothing in between.  Stats are not necessary to realize that is a highly undesirable situation.  I’d think watching the real time crony feedback would raise a red flag.

Scotchmo is right on his point.  All other things being equal I’d take a gun shooting an SD of 1 over an SD of 2 no matter what the ES was.  ES has no predictive value unless you shoot lots of strings and do analysis based upon a number of measurements.  SD is intended to be predictive.  A gun might show a good SD for ten strings and an exceptionally bad ES in one of those ten strings.  It is much less likely that a gun will show one bad SD out of a set of 10 strings.  Another way to say that is that 1 shot in a hundred can drive your ES into the ugly zone but it takes a LOT of bad shots to push one SD into the ugly zone.

Just my two…