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It doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s hard to imagine the turrets on an SWFA scope being a problem for anything you could do on an air gun. they get nice stuff made those SWFA boys. 

The thing to do now is to also find one or two cheaper brands / models you are happy with for guns and tasks that won’t benefit from great turrets or expensive glass. Realistically, that includes backyard plinking and most hunting where you want to just point and shoot. Save the expensive scopes for longer range work that requires more precision.

There are a number of options for decent lower cost scopes for people who use the reticle for corrections exclusively. for pure target shooting, the SWFA fixed power scopes aren’t too expensive. There are a few others too such as the Weaver T series. 

For now though, just enjoy your new toy. A quality new scope is as much fun as a new air gun when the stars line up.