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What improvements if any did the Vortek kit make over original R9 (pre broken spring) and how was instillation?

I didn’t have access to a chrony when I bought the gun, so I don’t have numbers for when it was new with stock spring. 
The Vortek kit brought the velocity back up, with the broken spring it was doing 550 fps. After the tune I was getting 685 fps with 14.66 grain pellets, The Vortek spring did lose some velocity, I’m at around 650 fps with 14.66 grain pellets two years later. I had a buddy with some experience help me do the rebuild, it’s not too difficult if you watch some videos or look up some teardown posts. You will of course need some kind of spring compressor.
  My R9 shot like a tuned gun out of the box (unlike most) and with the Vortek kit it is very smooth. I got another R9 in .20 for my brother in law and that one is twangy, but accurate. On my buddy’s advice I chose a Vortek kit over Maccari because the Maccari seals sometimes require some sizing to fit the compression tube. I’ve heard it’s not unusual for the Vortek springs to lose some velocity, so if that’s a concern you might want to go with a Maccari kit from ARH.
 Are you looking to tame down a twangy gun or trying to get more power?