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 Great News-Thanks-I was hoping that was the ticket,   Tiny thing. O-RING SIZE ?external,internal ? I see the boss. pdf.has the reg. in it , and in the sub.section,arrow pointing to it,   in the o-rings location but.states its a reg.only. And under reg. Fx website,we have install only, no o-rings indicated,on that page.And a web search got me to couple posts here but dead ends,on size fx impact was indicated to be different looking,than boss. in one post,and fx WCat is 7.65×1.78cs?same post.I will say. FX guns seem alot more end user friendly(parts  availability,service help info.)Because all the- @AGN !!!  AoA, helped me(,always),And now even they have a ton of helpful vids ..I,m still really miffed over the 6.35×1.27cs-breech .25cal. rarer than unobtainium- I did manage to get 25 of though-post here led me to Maryland metrics o-ring ,very nice guy,once he had trouble from his supplier went on a rampage and called me back bought all 40 he found somewhere and sold me 25 he said there- now I have some too! I,m thinking not for long ha ha  2.9X1.78 (1)  6.07X1.78 (1)  7.66X1.78 (1)  11.6X2.4 (2)