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Let me be clear here.
I was NOT trying to hijack your thread, i was trying to give you some options to avoid you losing your gun and I guess you didn’t like to hear that.

 However your logic with a car etc doesn’t stack up.  
With a car you are given leeway to ensure that it complies with the country’s leagal requirements before you can lawfully drive it on their roads.
With a gun, that is treated as a restricted firearm, you will not get past Customs and your gun may be seized. It is not as simple as backing the regulator down to sub 12ft lbs just to get it past customs, where the Country has restrictive gun laws.  

Your best bet would be to have a firearms certificate which covers and extends beyond airgun calibres/power and then email German Customs for advice.  
Cheers “The Jackass”

I know that you were not “trying” to hijack my thread, but you did. 
I understand that you were “trying” to give me options, but again, you did not. Your suggestion of NOT taking my gun, and instead renting or buying one, is NOT an option. The whole point of this thread is to figure out how to take MY gun with me, and not how to rent or buy one! Why is that so hard to understand??? Of course did I not like to hear that, simply because it has nothing to do with what I am trying to find out…

The scenario with the car is not to be looked at as a “Logic”, rather than as an Example. However, I agree that importing a car that is not street legal will still make it through customs, whereas importing a gun without either having the proper paperwork, or it not being in compliance with the local regulations, will not make it past customs, but it was never about that. 

There are many products sold, in many different countries, that are practically the same. The only difference might be an electronic/mechanical limiter of some sort, so the given product will comply with local laws and regulations. Sometimes those limiters are nothing but going into the menu [often hidden] and changing the settings. I had a Lexus once that had a hidden menu. Once you got into it, you could do all kinds of stuff, like allowing the input of an address into the NAV while driving.

That said, take the Lexus as an example:
You buy that Lexus in India where entering your address while driving is legal.
You know it would never make it through customs with the NAV like that, so you go into the menu and change it.
You make it through customs. Great.
You drive that car for a while in the US.
You now want to go back to India.
You go back and once there, you change the menu again and BAM, all is good. 

I really don’t see how, and why, someone doing that would break the law, or end up in an episode of “Border Patrol”???


p.s. I over simplified my example and I have no idea what the laws actually are in India, ha ha.