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My package arrived! c/f bottle,Boss reg.shroud cone w/o notch.I checked Tracking-Monday ,indicated it was in town,so I took barrel off .apart,re ringed it.Cone is more of a flat-black finish,same finish as my hawk scope,not the same finish as my shroud,and not threaded for shroud like  the notched one,just locktite on this one as far as the finish. I cared for about 30 notch and fit perfect.46.5″ now,and cant tell from 3′ its synthetic anyway. Bottle had 220 in it,Bonus! swap took 30 sec.maybe,And man for only being  Quote! read it ,a pound difference,and its only 2″ shorter 10.5″measured it,I like it a a lot.  If I’d bought the walnut stock?? Anybody know why the 400 and boss get c/f and the 500 gets alum.Or am I going to find out the hard way? The boss reg is supposed to be 160bar,I’m thinking I’ll wait for my test block,check and read stock bar and check for( creep first shot low)before removal and switch to boss..Anybody know the thread on the nipple that gentleman on  YouTube with all the very useful vids uses to extract the reg from block?what no fishing line?at first I thought it was the fill valve from the gun ,but now not sure.Any good tricks would be greatly appreciated