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Boombots74I have number 34 in .22. Out to 60 yards with bipod no rear bag, I can cover a full mag, 12 shots, JSB 18.1g with a quarter. Just as accurate as my Vulcan. I can confirm that the priest is louder than my .22 Vulcan 890 fps with JSB 18.1g vs the Priest, 920 fps with same ammo.

The cocking is hard, not smooth but not hard like what some people are saying, racking a 50 cal. There’s a lot of spring tension. But quickly able to get use to it after a few rounds.

The Mag is a pain in the rear to load, not user friendly at all. I have to insert the pellet and then push it further in with a pen to have it seated and cycle to the next open slot. Without a tool, I don’t see how you can seat the pellet. It just makes loading the magazine that much more time consuming.

Overall, it’s a pretty nice gun. If you want to reduce the weight then a CF bottle is the way to go. No complaints other than the Mag.

Try seating the pellet just far enough to be able to spin the drum and give the mag a little love tap on the table. That should get the head past the o ring. Works like a charm.

BTW. The .50 cal thing was an exaggeration. I hope that was obvious. Anyways I am here to tell you it gets much better quite quickly. I am loving mine.

If you ever empty the tank do me a favor and check the washer stack. I’d like to know the thickness, quantity, and orientation of the stack. Mine in .25 is different from yours. Thanks in advanced.