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“zebra”. They probably should add add a feature to warm the user when the mag is empty so they don’t break the thing though. 

It has a shot counter

A shot counter only works if you remember to look at it. Knowing what I’m like, there will be occasions where I would forget that as I see a squirrel escaping. I couldn’t get used to the auto safety on Hatsan guns for the same reason.

I think a linear magazine (like Baikal use on their repeaters) is a better idea for guns that get damaged from dry firing. With a linear mag you could make it almost impossible to dry fire by accident by making it so you physically can’t push the probe in once you run out of pellets. I.e. you fill in the last hole so it blocks the probe instead of going back to the first (empty) hole like it would on a revolver mag 

I like Baikal’s take on the repeating springer with their old IZH61. It’s side-lever, easy to cock, accurate, they don’t have the problem of accidental dry firing, it looks interesting and the free-float forearm design is smart. If anyone made something like that in 22 cal with enough power for small game and quiet enough for a backyard, I believe that would be a game changer.

To qualify that statement, I think for it to be a “game changer”, it would have to be something that gets people into springers who previously had no interest. Whether it appeals to existing springer fans is less relevant because, if people who already use springers like it, then nothing has changed. Current springer fans are obviously ok with single shot guns.

There is a lot of people, myself included, who just don’t like single shot guns for hunting. Even if they are super accurate, there are multiple reasons why I might need a follow-up shot. The squirrel might move, the wind, there might be two squirrels, a damaged pellet skirt causing a flyer, me losing concentration and missing my shot etc. 

Single shot and the break-barrel design are the two primary reasons I don’t like springers currently. I guess it’s just typical that when someone finally makes a repeating quiet hunting springer, they make it a break barrel and they forgot to make it accurate.