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A few comments to “oldspook”:

I don’t get too worked up over the “theoretical”, I simply try to address specific issues as I find them. I’ve used unsized CPLs for decades and they worked well from my HW77k, BVeeman R10 and Beeman R9, however when I bought my HW95 last year I ran into an issue I never had before with HW springers……..real tight leade that made loading Die “B” CPLs “finger hurtin’ tight”.

In years past I simply tossed out a loose fitting CPL knowing that it would be a flier and I do remember one case of “die 5s” (either die 5 or die 7) that was plagued with peewees and I remember one particular 1250 count box that contained about 120 under sized pellets and three dozen that actually “free fell” through the bore of my R9. During that time Crosman QC was horrendous with swarf in the box as well as undersized and “ill-shapen” pellets, however the ones that fit the leade properly were the most accurate pellet for that R9. I bought three different sizes of .177 Beeman sizers and basically used only the largest size as a “go-no go” gage. If the pellet didn’t drop through the sizer it was considered good, however I ended up simply dropping a CPL into the leade and observing how high it set before pushing home. If the pellet sat at the proper height by eye it was pushed home, if it sat too low in the leade it was shaken out and replaced. I used this method for a while till Crosman got their QC issues under control. For years since I haven’t had any issues with CPL pellet fit into my R9 leade, but a couple years ago I had a case that was exceptionally “dusty” from excess parting compound (or whatever) and they required washing before lubing. That case of dirty CPLs started my flirting with JSB & H&N pellets only to had one “good tin” followed with several “bad tins” of very inconsistent head sizes  and overall loose fits with the leade of my R9.

As far as pellet skirts getting “blown out” by the “power pulse” before the pellet “pops through the leade”, I suppose this does happen but it also seems to me that the degree the skirt gets “blown out” is dependent of the fit of the pellet head in the leade to begin with. At one field target match I had shot two “dry fires” using 8.4 JSB Exacts before I realized that the pellets were so loose fitting that they flipped out of the leade when latching the barrel. IMHO, the fit of the pellet head to the leade of the barrel affects the pellet in many different ways, however I found that the result was predictable………..a “loose fitter” will be a flier compared to the “normal fitter”. Before using up my last tin of loose fitting (in my R9) JSB Exacts I casually shot them from my  .177 HW95 with the tighter bore and choke and found that while they fit “un-snug” compared to my CPLs sized to 4.52ish mm they were actually rather accurate from that gun so the old saying “let the gun decide the best pellet” certainly proves true in my case.

By the way, I did notice that even the thick skirted CPLs in the cardboard box will occasionally be “squished a bit”, however my home made sizer actually “irons out the ovality” so all sized pellets are consistent in “head size” and also consistent in “skirt size” by the ram when it pushes the pellet head through the sizing ring. Normal round CPL as it’s dropped into the die before sizing…….. 

See how a CPL with slightly oval skirt gets “hung up” when dropped into the die……….

Even a pellet with the skirt deformed this much will be “ironed out” when sized, however I usually just toss these out rather than messing with them.

While I currently get very few “deformed skirts” in a box of CPLs, I got the one on the left recently and the sizer can’t fix that one……..

Hope my rambling helped more than confused!!