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“Drumsnguns”What are you using your Marauder for? Do you primarily hunt or target shoot? Asking only because I spoke with Doug via email and he said that the Regular Shark is better on the bench and the Light, like your’s, would be better in the field. I mainly target shoot but do occasional hunting when the squirrel population rises and they start to get cocky in the garden. So, just trying to get an idea of what will best suit me. If you’ve done some target shooting how does it perform? I just have a tendency of wanting to drop the weight on the Marauder…it’s an ox.

Drumsnguns.  When I contacted Doug, I too, was mainly trying to lessen the weight of the Mrod.  But when I told him, I was shooting from a wheelchair (targets out in the yard), he recommended the Shark Light.  He had made one for another wheelchair shooter and said that he’d recommend putting an angle on the butt stock, where it meets my shoulder, Doug said the other guy really liked that, so I said “Do it”.

If you look at my pic again, and in your mind get both Mrods level, I think you’ll see the cant on the shoulder-end of the Mad Dog’s stock.

Anyway, I sure like that way the Shark Light fits my shoulder.  When I took off the original Mrod stock, I weighed it on my bow scale and it weighed 1.3 lb more than the Shark Light.  1.3 lb doesn’t sound like much, but I can definitely tell the Mrod is lighter than it used to be.

Frankly, I can’t imagine a stock that feels better to me than the Shark Light.  But then again, I’ve never shouldered a Regular Shark.

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