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Drum / GQ:  I too now believe that speeds 860-880 would be better for my gun and my groups.  I’ve been shooting 841 average for over 1200 MK1 rounds and its less than an MOA at 50 yards but i know every pellet i’ve shot spirals / wobbles and i think it because the pellet needs more speed to stabilize.  I know TED shot 860 at EBR because he put it out on video as one of the secrets along with a lot of practice.  Anything 50 yards and less I think you are going to have good groups, maybe it has to do with how much the pellet slows down around 50 yards i don’t know, maybe that why if i speed it up just 20 FPS it will remain stable out to 75 and 100 yards i am just shooting in the dark.  I do know that with the reg set to 143 valve spring at 3 and power wheel on 5 or A i get 841 FPS average a and no matter if the shoot on MAX or ABCD or 5432 every pellet i shoot at 75 yards will spiral / wobble in flight, so to me and for my accuracy i think i now need to pick up the speed just a hair. I know i have a SD of 4 with a shot string of 50 rounds.  My impact is 25 CAL, fix shroud, FAC (american)