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“rambored”I bought a used Benjamin Discovery .22 and hand pump. I learned right away the pump is not my way to go. I went to the internet and tried to buy a tank/filler tube, and they were sold out. I went to my local scuba guy and he offered free air for life with the purchase of any tank. Good deal. I asked if he could supply the K valve and tube. Yes. What I got was a k valve and connecting tube. The tube was too large diameter to connect to the male check valve because of the add on muzzle attenuator. I took the smaller diameter tube from the pump and that solved the connection problem. Now, my question: The tank I borrowed is pumped to greater than the 2000# required in the green zone on the Discovery. I cracked the valve on the reservoir tank and the pressure gauge on the Discovery went immediately into the red. I shot it into the yellow. it took 15-20 shots. BTW at 15 yards the premier pellets create one ragged hole once I got used to the trigger and follow thru of the gun. Do I need a 2000# regulator?  thanks for your assistance. The tree rats are going to be in big trouble. 

I would recommend that you call Joe Brancato of and let him recommend what you need in way of a regulator.