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Oh yeah, I remember the hand pump – I too, learned the rascal was not the way to go.  So, I went online to Joe Brancato of and he set me up.  I don’t have a place that can air up a tank to 4500 – my tank can take 4500, it is a- 66 cu.ft. tank.  So, I bought a high pressure compressor simply called a “Shoebox” compressor from Joe.  He sent everything I’d need to air up my air guns to me – Lord knows, I didn’t have a clue, but Joe knew just what I’d need – and he didn’t try to sell me more than I needed.  What I didn’t buy at that time was a regulator to go between the 4500 tank and the Mrod.

Well, about a week ago I called Joe back up and asked about a regulator (I saw him using one on YouTube and realized that that is just what I needed).

Well, I can tell you, I love the regulator I bought from Joe.  The regulator has two gauges, one for the high pressure “in-coming” side and a second gauge for the lower pressure out-going air  I control the amount of pressure leaving the “out-going” side.

For the longest time I just connected my Mrods straight to my 4500 psi air tank.  (I was advised to NOT get a 3000 psi SCUBA tank, because it would never fill my Mrods to the 3000 psi they could take).  With the Mrods connected directly to the 4500 tank, I was real careful not to open the tank value too quickly, I feared over-filling the Mrods.

Well, now that I have the regular, that is no longer a fear.  The regulator inserts between the 4500 tank and the Mrod. So, now I connect the Mrod to the right side of the regulator (with the tube Joe provided) and when I turn on the 4500 tank, the tank sends high pressure air to the “air-in” side of the regulator – that gauge (the one on the left, as I look at the regulator) immediately goes up to 4500.  The gauge on the right side of the regulator will read 0.  Then, all I have to do the rotate the big black knob on the regulator clockwise and watch as the gauge on the right climbs up to 3000 psi.

When it reads 3000 psi, I looked at the Mrod’s gauge and it read 3000 psi, also – no surprise there.  Now, to disconnect the Mrod from the regulator.  All I have to do is rotate the big regulator knob counter-clockwise and I will hear the air escape as the gauge returns to zero.  When it is back to zero, pressure is gone from the Mrod and the Mrod can be disconnected.  And, on the in-coming side of the regulator, it will still read 4500.  This regulator is so cool – should have bought one years ago!

BTW, though I don’t do it, you can leave the Mrod tethered to the regulator, keep the out-going air pressure at 3000 psi and shoot “forever”.