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I don’t mind sharing but i thought we were doing .25  it is why didn’t put up my numbers.  So All of you know at this time i don’t know my reg setting i bought the gun used here on AGN and it had been to AoA a few times before i got it so i don’t know if they messed with it or old owner but someone has at one point or another.(can tell buy tool marks)
JSB .22 18.33 (no sorting)
reg pres     145 ? ish
All 18 shots (.22 mag)
wheel power min ..  hammer 3.03…… AV 881……STDIV… 2.5
wheel power 1………hammer 3.30……AV 913…….STDIV . 2.2
I  don’t know if everyone thinks like me but STDVI to me is how i measure accuracy the same bullet traveling the same speed for the same distance would hit the same spot every time if STDVI is 0.0000 unless acted on by another force. Call it “GUMBY’S LAW”… lol …it is why we sort pellets. If I could get .5 STDVI with out sorting you cold call me TED!
Not a shot at TED. i think he is just that good of a tuner.