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I agree that smaller head size has greater impact on POI than larger. When I’m shooting out of the tin and I get a small pellet its pretty easy to feel it/see it being smaller in the breach of my Thomas. When I get a smaller I always get a windage “flyer” to one degree or another. Larger on the other hand seem to have little to no significant impact on the POI.

I size my pellets. When you place a pellet in the die it will stop at a certain distance, which you will learn to find the mean. Pellets that fall deep at too small and I toss them into the “what ever” tin or recycling jar. Large ones will sit high in the die and also get tossed.

I inspect visually the head, sides and skirt for defects and toss a lot in to the “what ever” tin. What is frustrating is that even with sorting, sizing, weighing and inspecting I still will get flyers in a match. I suspect that not all pellets are balanced and wobble like a out of balance tire or that the skirt is ever so lightly off center so they get a kick to one side or another coming out of the crown. Short of getting a laser measure and spin balancing system I don’t know how you eliminate these.