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I can attest to Joe Wayne Rhea’s generosity and commitment to the airgun community. I offered to purchase the scopes he showed in a video as being defective. I wanted them to use as tools to learn. I offered Joe what I thought was a fair amount for the items. He refused my offer and came back with one LOWER! Of course I couldn’t say no. He then sent me confirmation that they shipped and in the picture it showed what he had paid for shipping. He paid more to ship than what he asked I pay him in total for the scopes. I quickly offered to cover the difference but nope he wasn’t having it. I cant describe how rare it is to find someone this genuine and willing to help others. Any time I see a members name that I’ve come to trust on a thread I read it whether I’m really interested or not just to view their knowledge or opinion on the subject. It offends me that the other forum (I saw the posts before they were removed and didn’t understand why) censors legit proven members posts. If its not a direct attack on someone I see no need to remove any posts but to remove a post from someone that was thanking a fellow airgunner for their generosity is insane imo. It’s like they don’t want others to know who the great guys in the community are. Ive learned a lot from reading the forums and couldn’t begin to repay the wealth of knowledge shared with me. Keep up the great work Joe, you’ve actually got me looking at springers again because of what you and a couple others have shown. The fact the other forum removes posts on a daily basis should say something. Remember the old saying “attitude reflects management”? Fits in all aspects of life it seems. I thought the forums were about sharing but when someone aggressively decide what’s shared, we all miss out on important opportunities to learn. Shame on them. 

Oh and if someone could point me to an English forum so I can learn where to put commas and start new paragraphs I’m sure everyone would thank you lol!