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When I was pushing the regulator with MK I’s, my speed approached 1000 fps but then it suddenly dropped to 790 fps…..blown o-ring. So you CAN  get the speed up with higher regulator setting but you really start running a risk. At my 148 bars and on MAX I’m a hair over 860 fps, which Ted had good success with. He also had good success at 830 fps in windy EBR conditions. At 5 or A I’m in the 850-855 range and shooting tight groups. At 40 yd I’m under 1/2″ groups. I’d like to see some groups with the Heavies at say 880…just out of curiosity. But with .25 cal I’m going to stay below 150 bar on the regulator. Pretty happy with that. FYI I have also set my Cricket .25 to shoot at around 855 with Heavies. Just shoots well at that speed.