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“iowaairguns”I wish Steve would have talked more about the “optimal” medium setting. I think he said it was more efficient on medium power with little difference in energy. It would have been nice to show that instead of the full power setting results. I couldn’t believe how much it dropped off over the course of 10 shots – that’s a huge air reservoir and by shot 10 it needed to be refilled! It was awesome seeing a 22 cal making 70 FPE though, I think it has to be the most powerful 22 cal airgun on the market. 

I wanted to spend more time with the Condor SS buddy, I really did.  I’ve just such a huge backlog of guns here at the moment waiting on review for us, that I can only afford to spend so much time on each.  If it’s any consolation, I had 37 total hours logged putting together the SS vid us and I’m already 2 days into working on the next.

Generally speaking, I noticed that after a power level of 6-7, there were diminishing returns yet more air was being progressively consumed.  I imagine these higher power settings are there to help move (even heavier) slugs down range in excess of 70fpe.  The SS I got was clearly tuned to maximize power for big game (hog, coyote, beaver) so I wanted to keep the vid consistent with the “extreme power” theme of this rifle.  That’s why I set the wheel to 10 and noted the fpe on each shot for you guys in the 25 yd groups.

If I were to own an SS for the purpose of large game, I would focus my time & effort between the power settings of 2 and 6 and see how well I can make things work with heavier lead.  There’s no manual on this stuff… one’s just got to experiment.