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  The Bible says The Dead will rise and walk among us. Matthew 27:51-53: The Bible’s “Night of the Living Dead” Passage
Doesn’t say they will attack us. Humans are your worst fear in a S/H/T/F scenario. Someone who hasn’t eaten in 3 days or needs food for their Children will be an EXTREME threat to anyone.
  That being said, my best advice is 3 guns in rifle and 1 in pistol and rifle.
A. 12 gauge with different barrels for slugs, long range, and short inside tight work at close range. Everything from $25.00 100 round 7 1/2 2 3/4″ skeet shells which are deadly on Humans at 10 yards and under to slugs and 00 buck for out to 100 yards if need be.
B. A Mini 14 or an AR with a Wylde chamber for .223 and 5.56 Most all altercations with multiple subjects where a semi auto is useful will be at 50 yards or less. A Mini 14 is plenty accurate.
C. A .22 Long rifle, semi, bolt, and revolver and or semi hand gun. This is a scenario of SHTF. No one wants to even get wounded as there’s no medical care, electricity, penicillin, etc. A wound is going to kill you be it instantly, 30 seconds from a heart or lung shot with a .22LR, .22 shot, sub sonic, whatever. Even a pellet rifle (powerful quiet PCP, bow, knives would be useful for dispatching enemies quietly, effectively. You may not like it; but you’re going to have to feed yourself and Children also. Things are going to be put in an entire different perspective IF this scenario ever happens. .22LR is cheap, accurate, enough power to kill out to 200 yards reasonably with 38 to 50″ of drop depending on weight, BC, FPS. Remember, NO ONE even wants to get wounded as infection is a painful death, so much so that they will most likely off themselves rather than suffer.
D. OK, yes, 9mm, 45ACP, all other common handgun rounds, all common hunting rifle rounds will be available and good to use. Point is you can at MOST have a handgun in each hand or fire 1 rifle at a time.
  If I HAD to pick ONE, it would be a .22LR semi auto that NEVER jams as it’s effective enough, quiet, and can carry more ammo. That’s my opinion.
On Air Guns. Still useful for hunting and powerful PCP’s can quietly dispatch anything with a well placed shot.