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Just my opinion and I’d need more info from you to give a good one. What’s the LONGEST distance in your house from one side to another? Point is if you’re at end of hallway and perp is 10 yards away, or coming upstairs in a choke point, A 12 gauge 2/3/4″ low or high brass with #4 shot will drop perp. If longest distance a shot could be taken is 20 yards  IN your house, NOT your yard. They are NOT a threat unless IN your house. You pattern test shotgun at longest possible distance that may occur IN your house. I debated this with some fool from Canada. It’s $20 for 100 rounds of 7 1/2 shot 2 3/4″ skeet shells. OH, you need at least 1000FTLBS for home defense. LOOK, if I have to shoot, I’m shooting to kill, yes #4 is better, 00 will over penetrate (there are new 1 3/4″ shells) but at 10 yards or less which is the LONGEST shot that could be taken in my house by Wife or Son if I were not here, a 2 3/4″ hi brass 7 1/2 shot 12 gauge load to a perps face IS going to take 1/2 his head off. A chest shot. The wad is going to act like a slug at 10 yards or under. This fool thinks skeet shells can’t be deadly. MY main point is concern about over penetration. #4 shot is a good compromise. Know your distances, pattern your gun on a 4×8′ sheet of cardboard, drywall, ply wood. Only concern is heavy winter clothing with 7 1/2 shot so yes, aim for face or use #4 to #2 in MY opinion. 00 or 000 is overkill and will penetrate. If over penetration is NOT a concern, use whatever you want. You’re the one who’ll have to patch holes and clean up the blood. Yes, a .45 or .357 will drop perp in tracks, So will a 12 gauge at 10 yards or under even with small shot. I say if you’ve never owned a shotgun, you need to get one. I know a guy who got shot 8 times with a 9mm and lived. If they aren’t the right bullet they just punch clean holes through a perp. A 12 gauge shotgun is devastating, and IMO the absolute best hands down home defense weapon and it’s versatile with barrels swaps and many different ammo choices. Easily kill Deer at 100 yards with slugs. Your concern about tight spaces, etc. It’s legal to have them as shot as 18.5″ and shorter with certain permits. I’d prefer a 20-24″ barrel for tighter pattern. I actually wouldn’t care if it was a 34″ goose gun. If I know perp is in house and a threat, he’s as good as dead if he doesn’t leave when he hears the Dogs extremely loud deep bark.