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Harry is one of the few people that I respected on that site. He’s a National champion in Archery, Air Guns, Powder burners. I never saw any BS in him. Now some of the other people? Lot’s of Folks will never believe I hit a Crow at 172 yards with a .25 caliber 25.4JSB King out of a AZ Rapid doing 880fps. Dial of death was maxed at 135 yards, and I had to use hold over past the 4 mil dots on Bushnell 4200. One mil for windage. I got lucky and could probably never do it again. I do though very often pick a clump of dirt out to 200 yards, try to hit it with first shot. Then I use rangefinder and retry, repeat. This teaches my eye estimating and it teaches me wind. I love fresh snow or freshly plowed fields that give a visual dust report of impact (since pellets don’t often throw up dirt like an 06 or something) Just because I have no pictures or videos, it won’t be believed. I also made a perfect heart shot on a Crow at 110 yards with a JSB Exact Monster 13.43 grain .177 out of my modded  Discovery. Now, that shot I can do again.
  I fully believe Harry, and this AZ guy’s Math seems impeccable. I guess it’s a pissing contest. I just enjoy shooting and I wish some shots had been seen. Try not to enter “The Pissing Contest.”