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My email to Walker’s bounced back, so I called them. In a nutshell, they had no idea of what the dimensions of the Razor ear pro are. I haven’t heard back from HL, and to be honest, I don’t expect to.

Interesting that you mention the NRR rating of 19. The MSA Sordin’s have a rating of 19, but the vast majority of people rave about them when coupled with gel earpieces. The argument (alleged) is that manufacturers are listing their NRR levels, but not indicating at what frequency this occurs. No need to discuss the price of the MSA’s. Flat out, they are expensive.

Obviously, gunfire is going to be louder than say a lawnmower. If a company indicates a NRR of 34, but it occurs at say the frequency of a lawnmower, it surely won’t provide the same level of protection at a gun range?

I’ve spent hours and hours looking at ear pro, and frankly it’s becoming tiresome. I’ve started to question the validity of NRR numbers. Ear pro wouldn’t be such an issue if it weren’t for the unique characteristics of my bullpup.

Le sigh…