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Just ordered more .25 pellets. Currently shooting .22. I will switch over and give you what I got. Just saying don’t forget about your hammer bumper. On my gun, it makes a huge difference at least in 22. The only way I have found to repeat my results is to mic it like this. 
The pic was hard to take but you get the idea. .330 I always measure from the same side at the same place.(Not the body of the gun but the washer.) I have found that to much slows my pellet down to little slows my pellet down. There is a sweet spot and it doesn’t seem to be very big in .22 cal on my gun. It is about .0035 each way but when you get it in the sweet spot 18 shots STDVA. 2.2. I love the tuning on this gun, so fun to try to figure out .