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Great review Steve. 

AirForce airguns are definitely capable of excellent accuracy and more than acceptable shot strings once you get them dialed in. Granted it does take some time, patience and a chronograph. As mentioned, there are a few tricks like the o-ring or flat neoprene washer behind the tophat which can increase the shot count and tighten up the SD/ES once you find the sweet spot in the shot curve. It’s literally like a 10¢ regulator. As Steve found out, they are sensitive to fill pressure depending on where you have the power wheel set. It’s best to keep the power wheel lower to keep from wasting air and fill to the 2.5Kpsi range to flatten out the curve and prevent valve lock.

My first PCP was a .22 Talon SS I purchased at the 2003 SHOT Show. Once tuned and dialed in, it shoots one ragged hole at 25yrds  with 18.13gr JSBs and I have shot a .67″ 5-shot group at 50 yrds (not bad for a 12″ barrel), and it’s capable of a 10 shot string in the sweet spot with SD of 2 and ES of 7 just shot last week. Not going to win EBR but I can count on it to score a hit including headshots on squirrels and chipmunks out to 35+yrds when I need it to if I do my part.

The Condor SS is no different, it just takes the time to find the best combo of pellet, fill pressure, and power wheel setting, and I highly recommend experimenting with an o-ring/flat neoprene washer…

They’re not for everyone, but they can serve their purpose and do it well.

I’d heartily accept a .22 Condor SS into my collection if I won it :).