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Spent the weekend shooting the TX200 and after spending about 5 hrs plinking and punching holes with it, I can now say its good to go.  
I re-chronied it after about another 500 rounds and the JSB 14.35 velocities have crept back up a bit to 670fps and a solid 14+fpe. 
 I guess I’ve been spoiled with the German guns as they are not hold sensitive, unlike the TX200. I shoot from a chair and use a tripod as a rest and I finally figured out the sweet spot for hold and trigger pull with it to maintain consistency.  I also put on a scope level to help me with scope cant . The level REALLY helped dialing in the longer range shots.  ( I have 2 sets of targets set up; one at 25yds and one at 35yds.) 
I do like shooting this rifle, but it is not very forgiving when it comes to maintaining a proper hold.