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“chasdicapua”What barrel were you shooting thre 13.4’s out of?  I’m currently shooting them at 770 out of a LW Polygon and while they are very accurate at 20 yards, I wonder if a little more speed would be needed for stability at 50 yards. Would you say that 820 is on the lower end for speed with that pellet, or have you shot it slower with similar results? Nice groups by the way!

It’s the standard twist polygon barrel on a Thomas FT rifle.
820 FPS is my absolute max for FT because I have to stay at or below 20 FPE.
The have a 2% allowance for variances in Chronograph readings so I’m actually allowed 20.4 and that would be 827 FPS. So at 820 FPS I feel pretty safe to be able to stay under their limits.
I’ve shot it at 800 FPS with similar results but prefer as flat a trajectory as I can get for FT which is why I choose 820.

BR TARGET @ 28 yds