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I put a paper target over one of the round plywood discs a friend gave me and shot these two groups at 50yds. Removed the paper afterwards to better see the holes.

One on left is at 50 yds….one on right at 52.5 yds. More than 10 pellets in each hole. I lost count because I was checking my hold over for those two distances and paying more attention to holdover than shot count. Had the 2 inch Shoot-n-c targets up there and was just trying to stay inside an inch for FT accuracy 😉
Damn ……blew right through that plywood too? I believe it was 5/8 plywood.  13.4 grain .177 cal pellets at 820 FPS can do some damage at 50 yds

When I can cover 50 yd 10 shot groups with a dime I’m happy.