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“Coldking”Looks good Percula –
i think staying in the 890 to 900 fps range should do it with the .30 caliber pellets in the 46 grain range ?
but your right – in that the consistency of these pellets is terrible – weights are all over the place –
also heads appear to be of mixed sizes –
when emailing Alfred of Beaumont – he tells me that these 1/2″ groups are being obtained with solids -but 
has a deal worked out between a pellet maker and barrel maker to get the consistency nessasary to achieve those results at 100 yards ?
i think for the moment the what you see is what you get is the state of the art though —
time will tell though as many chase the distance shoots 
do you have your hammer spring maxed inward?

I’ll be looking forward to the Beaumount, also looking forward to see what Martin at RAW puts out this year. 

So the spring… Working by myself I cranked it to the point that I thought I was going to break something or was bottomed out and was still not where I wanted to be. I contacted Mark and we worked on it at the next match. All I can tell you is that a combination of fiddling with it and shooting it gave me a lot more adjustment. I’m a good full turn and a little more from bottoming out now. You might get in touch with Martin and ask him if he used a single or double spring on your rifle. Mark tells me the double spring is much nicer to adjust than the single. Also was advised that until you have about 2000+ rounds through it, you are still breaking it in. 

I would love to see more pellet selection in 30cal. As it stands now JSB is the only game. Would love to try a 30cal piledriver, would love to try a “monster or beast” style JSB. I have no problem with “lobbing” high arcs into a bull. I used to hunt big game with a 41mag off a 10″ barrel at hundreds of yards just fine thank you.