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I finally got some time to spend with my new RAW HM1000x 30 cal today.  It was calm at the beginning, but the wind picked up a bit later in the morning.  It is surprising how much the POI shifts with just a little breeze.  I found that out when shooting the 100M EBR target.  Once I got the hang of it, I was stacking pellets into the 10 and 9 ring pretty well.  CK is a better wind doper than me.  I got another 10 shot target that was decent too.  One shot got away from me.  I was using JSB 44.75 gr pellets and shot off a sandbag.  Velocity was 876 fps.   I don’t like shooting off a bipod.  Glad I didn’t spend big $$ for one of those Atlas things.  I need more time with this beast.