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They’re popular here South Africa due to the low price point (particularly the Breaker bullpup). I’ve shot a modded one and trigger tested a stock one in the shop.Some parts are pretty well designed and of decent quality, but the barrel tends to be a crap shoot with many being quite awful. One report on the SA airrifle forum where the guy extensively modded his to be a reasonable gun also said the barrel on his was out of alignment with the breech and rail, requiring machining of the breech.The trigger is really mushy and heavy out of the box, and tough to adjust to an acceptable point, necessitating a trigger job from an airgunsmith. The mags are similar to the SPA ones and apparently commonly distort the pellet skirts.Seem like a potential major ball ache unless you get lucky or the dealers REALLY go the extra mile doing QC  -Macros

Brand new Krals are having failures this week, after just being delivered to forum members.
I’m glad I crossed Kral off my list.