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I think the problem is the pellets for 100y/m more than the rifle. I say play with the FPS, faster isn’t always the answer. I know of one instance where a certain rifle with a reputation of not shooting a heavy pellet for its caliber was slowed down into the mid 700’s and suddenly gained BR accuracy. Sorry for being so vague but I haven’t been given permission to share the details of that testing.

I’m shooting at about 880fps with the so called 46gr pellets. Excluding flyers I’m seeing very good results. Most people are in the 850fps to 900fps range with good results. If we can get the pellets sorted out I don’t see any reason to not see consistent 1/2 MOA at 75 and 100 distances. 

This is my last competition target for 100m with the RAW. The winds were mostly consistent, but definitely were the major factor especially on top (2) bulls and the right side 2nd from the top. The top left the shot on the left side of the bull cutting the 8 ring is a flyer. The bull with the one shot on the 6 ring was a major flyer. As you can see from the groups in the center (sighters) the rifle is definitely delivering 1/2 MOA. I only consider (2) of the (60) shots on that target flyers, the rest are variations in the winds. I think once I have my SEB rest I will have a chance of closing in on a perfect score. My rest just doesn’t adjust fast enough to shot sighters, get the exact dope and move back to a scoring bull. 

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