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Hey Topcat, not really sure how you get your 25 & 30 cal pushing pellets at that speed unless you’ve got your regulator cranked up.  On max and VS of 4+ and regulator at factory I can only get 850 if i’m lucky.  I know the gage is off and AOA said the regular is at 140-143 and they put a sticker that anything higher will void the warrant.

Drum:  even with the spiraling/corkscrewing/wobbling pellets i get some great groups at 50 yards.  Its only at 75 and 100 yards that my groups get unsatisfactory, and even then I can shoot a penny at 100 yards if you give me 10 chances :-).   My gun likes 5 and A the best too.

I’m out of town but when i get back i will crank up the speed and see what happens.  You know TED Says…..LOL….no, I really enjoy his stuff and have a lot of respect for what he’s done and value his opinion…..he is shooting his impact at about 860 and has just about eliminated flyers from his vocabulary….. just saying.  He also use to shoot faster so he must of tweeted his regulator up there as well.