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“nced”There may be an issue with the old Beeman sizers (I did own a couple) in the sense that when I used the sizers the pellets were “full sized” (both head and skirt reduced to the same dimension). My home made sizer does swage the head a bit but also expands the skirt a bit as it “rounds out” the skirt.


I’ve been thinking some about your results and the idea that head size being too large isn’t as significant as being too small.  The reason I’ve been thinking on it is that my graphs are mostly coming up looking more or less like the one I linked at the top of the page.  I am working with springers also.  We know that the pellet gets pushed into the leade about the time that the temperature spikes during piston travel.  It seems to me that temperature would spike higher and therefor working pressure would spike higher as well if the piston encountered more resistance while forcing the pellet to engrave on the rifling.  The opposite is true of pellets which are loose in the leade.  That (or something else I suppose ;) ) would explain why I get the curve I am seeing.  The skirt itself would be much easier to engrave and so would have much lower impact.  The idea that the skirt is flexible enough to be “blown” into a fit in the rifling makes good sense to me, especially the softer pellets.  It may well be that simply sizing both head and skirt are a good way to “sort” pellets.  The fact that you are sizing heads would obscure that difference in your testing. 

What are your thoughts on this idea?