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Oldspook said:
The problem with the gauge is that the edges of the holes in the gauge are LASER cut.  They are very precise and they are very square.  Depending upon the pellet,  it can be a nightmare to figure out how much pressure is enough and how much is too much.  The lead, even hard lead like in the CPHP, tends to snag on the corner of the hole.  It would be nice if the engineer could find a way to radius edges of the holes or even to somehow make them into a bit more of a funnel so that round nosed pellets could more easily find the center and either fall through or fail
You are quite right, the cut edges of the apertures in the gage plate are sharp. I use a case edge chamfer tool to reduce this, by hand (every aperture, both sides). If you like, I will send you one with more chamfer. You are also right in that it requires some technique. I hope you see an improvement with practice.
Your data look pretty interesting. Joe Peacock (who makes the plastic parts for Pelletgage) has an indoor range, and shoots sorted pellets with a Thomas benchrest setup. He told me last week that “4.53 shoots best but the 4.54’s and 4.52’s shoot nearly as well, maybe off 2x’s out of 75 shots compared to the 4.53’s. I have 1,149 targets I have kept and recorded data on”.
I believe that if you have consistency of +/- 0.01 mm in your pellets, the benefit of sorting is small, but that you often see more than that in a tin, and that it is a good practice to take a sample of 40 pellets from a new tin, and measure to see if you have the consistency and mean diameter that will work well with your barrel. If so, that could be all you need to do. If you are shooting in a match, you might go as far as sorting all the pellets needed for the shoot.