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   I have a 1077 that just developed a problem. But, it’s about 10 years old too. The Wildfire is a converted 1077. They use the same 12 shot round magazines, and removeable “ammo box” too. Here are the reviews so far:

Benjamin Wildfire Air Rifle Test Review

 This is part one with the remaining parts to be written:

Benjamin Wildfire PCP repeater: Part 1

    And am actual shooting youtube video.  It is supposed to followed by a part 2 soon:

    The video actually shows a pretty decent grouping airgun at 25 yards. Not in the same class as the better shooting PCP’s it’s true, but I could live with the accuracy the gent in the video is getting. There’s a rather large jump in price between the Wildfire and the next lowest priced repeater. Since the Maximus is a single shot, and the Discovery is too, what is the next lowest priced PCP repeater? Yes, the trigger on the 1077, and the Wildfire (as it’s the same) are not good. Actually, much of the trigger action takes place inside the magazine box. They do get a bit better with use. Tom Gaylord said he used to remove the magazine box and sit down and watch tv while cycling it over and over (very easy to do), which helps. Don’t buy a  Wildfire thinking you’re going to do a trigger job and make it a bunch better. It’s actually a double action revolver. Gaylord has written about his 1077’s, and I believe he considers them a one inch grouper at 25 yards. Still, they are a fun gun to shoot. I live in Hawaii so the temperatures are about perfect for a CO2 airgun. The 1077, and hence the Wildfire, are designed to look like a Ruger 10/22, and they are a good looking gun.

    The poster that said a Ruger 10/22 beats the accuracy of any PCP airgun may be a bit off base with that assessment. The 10/22 isn’t known for it’s accuracy, and even the Benjamin Maximus, from what I’ve read, does well at 25-50 yards or so. I wouldn’t take a bet that a stock 10/22 would beat a Discovery at 50 yards.

    For those of you that would like to know more, pull up some reviews of the Crosman 1077 and the accuracy, trigger etc will tell you more of what to expect from a Wildfire. Also, there is a 1077 forum. Google Crosman 1077 forum, and you’ll find it. Not much action there, but there’s maybe 10 years worth of messages.