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Thanks guys. I have been shooting air rifles for a few years, starting with springers.  I am able to get better groups with my 97k, with pellets overlapping, if not, very close at that distance.
Set up is 177 FX Cyclone, falcon m18+ scope, 3 power settings taken with jsb exact 8.44
low 703 fps
med 876
high1006 (950 with heavy)

I have a 22 rim fire silencer on it. It has a smooth twist barrel and I use the barrel band. With the band off, the poi changes, but the groups still perform the same.

When I get time I will do some figures with the chrony and makes sure I’m getting consistent speeds. So thanks, I guess I am picking your brains in case there’s something I have overlooked. I absolutely love this gun, as it is so practical for the pest control work I do. Some of that work is shooting pest birds, and so for the smaller birds I don’t want to be missing opportunities at longer ranges.