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I use a night vision spotting scope in front of my scope, I’ve found that I can close up my eye relief to a point at least using the eye focus ring as it screws in and out of my scope giving me a relief change of a little less than a 1/2 inch.
But i see what you mean.
The only way I could see to battle it would be to have the back section be able to slide forward or backward. I am on my phone so I don’t have a way to edit photos to demo what I mean.
Another issue that I see is like my scope the dioper (i think that’s what it is called) focus wheel is knobbed and slightly larger than the scope itself there is maybe a 1/4 ring behind it but that would not be enough to get a bite on it. A lot of scopes has that set up and this means that the adapter has to slide over the focus ring and tighten down on the bell in front of the ring
I will P.M you my.number always like to brain storm your welcome to call me anytime we can bounce some ideas around and see what sticks on the wall