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Ah…I knew I was forgetting something….regulator is set to approx 148 bar. I added it to the first post with an edit,

I was working on groupings but had to replace some o-rings (my fault letting regulator setting too high.) and polised my barrel, so I’m starting over. There is a thread where I posted groups at 30 at the various power settings 

I shot at 50 this weekend but can’t remember exact group size and useless to guess. It got too windy to go for longer.distance..gotta get up early when its still and see what 75 and 100 yd groups look like. I’ll post when i get those shot. This weekend if nice weather.

I’ll have to check for spiraling with my rifle as well…hate to hear that. My best groups are at setting 5 or A….a bit better at A so 850 and up might be what you need.