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HajimotoA couple of comments about the condor that jump out at me immediately. At the price of this weapon, I would expect a better grouping at both 25 and 50. While I am not sure that the pellets being used are the best for that rifle. *Reality check*, I completely realize a person can’t spend 3 days shooting 30 different types of pellets on every rifle and have time for the honey do list. Before anyone says the loose groups are the shooter, I know better than that as I have seen Steve shoot 100-yard groups with many rifles so I trust his ability. The next obvious thing for me, based on this price point, has to be the single pellet feed system on a hunting rifle. Whether hunting or target, a single feed system is a break barrel carry over that even the Gamo swarm has overcome. The build quality and components appear to be very good but I think this rifle barrel would fair better at lower velocities/less air per shot. Great piece Steve thank you for putting this one through its paces.

Steve explains pretty clearly in the beginning of the video that the rifle is a specific use rifle.  I understand that it is specific use but that use is too limiting for my taste.

Love ya brother so don’t shoot me for saying this but have to disagree
I have the Texan and I have the benji bulldog
I actually like the single load system because it opens up my selection of what kind of rounds I want to use. Where a clip would limit me to use rounds that will fit it.
Admittedly with the Texan you fire it off and miss you most likely are not going to get a chance to make a follow up shot because your target and everything within a 100 yards is going to be headed for the hills.
Where Condor S.S you might get one.
I can’t claim a huge amount of experience with Air Force guns and so base most of mine with my Texan
The one trick I found shooting my Texan for very tight groups is a 2700 fill not 3000 if I shoot my groups from 2700 down to 2200 I get hole in hole groups almost every time
To be honest my only single issue with any of the Air Force line of rifles is the fact they are naked with no furniture.
I have taken my Texan out in freezing temps and mannnnnn that witch gets cold. My Texan is admittedly temperamental about the power curve and other Air Force Airgun owners has told me the same about theirs once I learned it and stayed in it’s favorite range I can and have headshot rabbits at 100 yards ( been eating up friends farm equipment wires and such)