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New to PCPs but I am very interested in learning all that I can about the AA 510s.  I purchased a 30 Anniversary model (300092) from Gunbroker for $850.00.  The gun and case is in mint condition but was missing the anniversary pin and aluminum magazines.  

A 50 shot string at full power setting (175 bar) with 14.3 CPHP lubed pellets this gun shows a High of 532fps and a Low of 494 (135 bar) with an Avg. of 518 and ES of 38.  The 30 shot “sweet spot” appears to be from shot number 8 (170 bar) to shot number 39 (137bar).

A 100 shot string at low power is a comparatively stable 526 fps (175 bar) to 494 fps ( 130 bar).

Again,  I appreciate all you can share with regard to this gun.

Mark Christian