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A couple of comments about the condor that jump out at me immediately. At the price of this weapon, I would expect a better grouping at both 25 and 50. While I am not sure that the pellets being used are the best for that rifle. *Reality check*, I completely realize a person can’t spend 3 days shooting 30 different types of pellets on every rifle and have time for the honey do list. Before anyone says the loose groups are the shooter, I know better than that as I have seen Steve shoot 100-yard groups with many rifles so I trust his ability. The next obvious thing for me, based on this price point, has to be the single pellet feed system on a hunting rifle. Whether hunting or target, a single feed system is a break barrel carry over that even the Gamo swarm has overcome. The build quality and components appear to be very good but I think this rifle barrel would fair better at lower velocities/less air per shot. Great piece Steve thank you for putting this one through its paces.

Steve explains pretty clearly in the beginning of the video that the rifle is a specific use rifle.  I understand that it is specific use but that use is too limiting for my taste.