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I’ve been keeping an eye on Airforce for some time now. Obviously from the video they are very powerful. I’ve read that they can be a little finicky about finding the right power and pellet to get really accurate shots. However, as mentioned in the video once you get them dialed in they are amazing even out to 100 yards. I like the no frills approach of design; a straight shot of air right down the barrel. A couple of things not mentioned in the video is that you can purchase and replace the barrels in this gun. You can get different lengths and calibers. So, basically for a fraction of the cost you can have several guns in one. That’s what I really like about this gun you could shoot a short barrel .22 for squirrel, and a week later go .25 long barrel and shoot larger game. Plus its completely made in the U.S. and comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. I think the only real downside is it isn’t a repeater. However, that would take away from the simplistic appeal. I currently have a Benjamin Discovery. It is a good gun, but I’m looking to get a nicer PCP and hand down the Discovery to my son. I’m wanting to go .25 caliber to better allow for a farther reach. I’ve been looking at Condor and the Benjamin Marauder. Both have their appeal. Not sure what I’m gonna do yet. If I won this gun, I’d buy the .25 barrel and not look back. Thanks for the great videos!