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So glad this comes in .22 I love the Simplicity of it ,I really like the fact that they took the time to put the gun together the way we would want it not the way they think we would want it, love the versatility of the power wheel it’s really missing nothing I’m surprised at how well the.22 pellets perform in The Condor SS app the high FPS and it really confirms for me that jsb brand pellets and Affiliated brands work well in most guns . you can pretty much guarantee one of their brands are going to work good in your PCP. Also I like that with Air Force you can put together a whole package from one place with( their) Scopes and mounts excetera and you know all your accessories are going to fit tight and secure the CondorSS as far as I’m concerned it’s a must have in Your Arsenal and if the Condor isn’t for you Air Force definitely has one you’re going to like definitely check out their website before you decide on your next purchase