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I wonder how it would do with some standard .222 lead slugs. Anyone know what the twist rate is?
It seams like the walther barrels likes the longer bullets. With the speed and power of the rifle I think some longer rounds may be more accurate and produce a better boilerplate killshots for midsize game.
There has been a many post about survival Airguns, I would say that this one would fit the bill by the fact that you can carry an extra tank and it can be broke down to a decent size. While at the same time the rifle opens you up to a wider range of game allowing for anything from small game up to medium large (perhaps even a deer) with proper shot placement.
Some comments have been made about detuning and or kind of a neg about accuracy, I have to disagree. I kind of think of the condor like the Texan, it’s a tool to do a job, I don’t use a framing hammer to hang sheetrock nor a sheetrock hammer to nail framing…. The Condor is a framing hammer made to hit hard and kill and it’s groups are well within acceptable for that task.