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Well,I actually started shooting a edgun r3m then a cricket carbine both in .22 and yes build quality is better but did they shoot better than my .22 bullboss now? Answer no they didn’t .My bullboss shoots just as good .I went high-end first and actually regret doing so as I felt for the money you get short changed .I mean come on 600$ vs a 1200$ to 1600$ high-end and all you get for the big bucks is a regulator and a better trigger for 600$ to 1000$ more ,yes the build quality is better and more shot count per fill but to me just not worth it.(been there done just that)
I recently let my .177 gladius go in a trade to become air independent but man that gun was accurate and 4 mags before a top off.
Watch Midway they have nice hatsan sales time to time.
I got my gladius for 595$ shipped.
I’m not trying to push Hatsans but for my money invested they make me happy.:)
Everyone has suggestions and opinions but in the end go with what would make you happy.