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I recently tanned a bobcat hide myself. I used alum and preserving salt bath/soak. I ofcourse removed all the flesh and fat i could first. Soaked the hide for about 5 days then i stretched and pinned it. After i had the hide stretched out i poured the salt and alum on the hide for several days…3 if not mistaken. This dried all the moisture from the hide… i
changed the salt daily…its not expensive. After about the 3 days final salting i scraped the flesh side with a large spoon and worked the hide with my hands…stretching it as best i could. The hide came out real nice…im happy i tried to do this because the end result is very nice. I know this may not be the way others do this but it worked for me. I happen to be from south Texas and i took this bobcat with a .25 cal synrod with 25.39 jsb’s. This bobcat was after our 2 small dogs and was taken on private property. The bobcat took one jsb between the eyes and dropped…it was like she just layed down kinda goin down head first. She was so beautiful thats why i decided to attempt the tanning of her hide. Im a life long hunter of over 40 years and respect our fish and game rules and regulations. This was an interesting subject to get into…raised some questions in my mind…non game /fur bearer?   Thanks and GOD bless you always.