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“BruthaLou”Thats a very nice and compact setup. The eye piece is the most expensive part if you already have a Go-pro, and i wish it had an universal way of connecting to different scopes. The accutact can be found on Ebay for around $24. It works on the same principle as the Torrey Pines eagle eye. Of course the eagle eyes will cost you around $1,200. Great video Hajimoto

I aboslutey love the concept and like you, just wish the 3D printed piece could be ordered with the ability to fit different scope sizes. I will be working on a method for that and will share the results.  Thank you for the comment! 

May I suggest?
There are plumbing fixtures that are set up to be universal they do this by stair stepping down each size, you simply cut off down to the section that has the right diameter