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Sorry to hear that you guys got rained out- was a good shooting weekend for me –
but I agree- the pellets we are getting now – from .177s to .30 caliber are very inconsistent,
that is our Achilles heal — the .30 caliber pellets here are all over the place – absolutely no uniformity –
i believe in Europe there is a lot of bullet guns – 
Alfred of Beaumont rifles tells me he has a special deal worked out with a barrel maker and pellet maker? 
To get  that consistent connection ?
hes also going to make me this tool to acurize the .30 caliber pellets 

i hope the game of benchrest continues to grow though. Cause down here there isn’t much going on?
im a bit exited that some of the pistol shooters at our silhouette matches are now starting to show a wee 
bit of interest in rifles – seeing some of the rifles available under the thousand dollar mark that can be competitive 
should be a good thing
I would add that it would be a good test to shoot a 25 Bull card out at distance – be it 50 yards or 100 yards –
I think this is better than just trying to group pellets into one hole?