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“JimNM”I would rather not say, as I am sure the malfunction was caused by my lack of discipline.  It would be unfair to blast the barrel maker (who does recomended a different pellet) when my biggest problem was the HS and HT settings.  Once I am fine with the setup again, I may swap barrels again.

one thing I did notice, was by turning the barrel shroud, I walked the poi around the clock from 6 o clock low to 12 o clock high about 3″ from point of aim. .  The same shroud and ldc on the stock barrel does not do this.

I doubt it was your setting that caused an issue more than your pellet choice for the barrel. I can tell you this, I bought a used, off the YF classifieds, supposedly marmot militia hammer forged barrel and shroud for a Prod. It could be that it wasn’t genuine but it matched the description and lengths of the MM specs. It shot like dung with all pellets. I put the factory barrel back on which actually shoots very good with CP and H&N FTTs. I just wanted a longer barrel for more fps. It did increase the speed but accuracy was trash. 

I cleaned and polished it in a attempt to make it right. It didn’t get better. I pushed JSB pellets through it. It had an extremely tight choke. I ended up cutting a small portion of the choked area off and recrowning it. The accuracy improved but not good enough. Tried many different pellets. I threw it in the trash as I could never sell it to someone knowing that is was inadequate. I hear folks rave about the aftermarket Prod and Mrod barrels but I had a bad experience with what I bought used.